co-detector     If you use gas to heat your home or have gas appliances-then this product is a must. This is a carbon monoxide detector and this product could save your life.

surge-arrestor     This product is called a whole house surge protector. It can easily be installed inside the main breaker box and it protects all appliances inside the home, including the heating and air conditioning system from lightning or other power surges that enter through the main power lines. The surge arrestor is reusable and it has a 100% guarantee.

hard-start     This product is called a compressor booster or hard start capacitor. Sometimes this product is necessary to assist the compressor in starting and working more efficiently. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system and installing a booster will help the compressor and other parts last longer. A booster is also used to start compressors that have seized up.

time-delay     This product is called a time delay relay. When power is interrupted manually or by power outages-the heating and air system needs time to settle before it should be started again. This device will not allow the ac to start for 3 to 5 minutes if power is suddenly interrupted. Many service calls are scheduled for this reason and sometimes this rapid start and stop causes the compressor to be damaged beyond repair. 

crankcase-heater     This product is called a crankcase heater. The crankcase heater is installed around the bottom of the compressor. It works by heating the compressor when the system is off. This ensures the compressor is not starting with liquid refrigerant inside. The small amount of constant heat evaporates any refrigerant inside the compressor and allows for smooth start up. This product combined with a time delay and compressor booster is the ultimate compressor protection. Back To Home Page